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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                173

I do not know whether Henry VIII, was
murdering and plundering while Sir Thomas More
was composing his Utopia; but your exclamations
of happy times, justice and moderation, .amuse me
as much as Democritus would have been amused,
if he could have peeped alternately over Sir
Thomas's shoulder to read, and then out of the
window at burnings and executions.

The victory lately obtained in Italy by Bona-
parte may help us to a peace, though I do not
comprehend very clearly how it is to operate that
way, unless he marches into the Tyrol; for as to
Italy, we have no longer any interest in it.

I could not get the sequester taken off Mr.
Boyd's house; all I obtained was leave to break
the seals, and make a survey of the state of furni-
ture, cellars, &c. His property is of a size not to
be recovered quite so easily. Many are recover-
ing theirs, among the rest the ci-devant Ev£que
d'Autun, who had formerly given up his right of
primogeniture to his brother, and became an
abbe, on account of his lameness.

Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney, the American ambas-
sador and his wife, have been directed to leave
the territory of the Republic, and are gone to

I wonder if my turn will come next.    I see no